Monday, 19 January 2015

Minor Hockey Talk

The New Network54 (N54 or Network 54)

Are you interested in talking minor hockey? Are you interested in posting anonymously? Minor Hockey Talk - is a new site frequented by people who anonymously post comments about everything minor hockey. It covers the GTHL, OMHA, ETA, LAKESHORE, NEOHA, OEMHL, OBMHL, SHL-CA, UOVMHL, MHAO, MHL, HNO, NDHL, NOHA, SOO, UCMHL, WOAA and leagues in between. Previously many people would post minor hockey related information on network54 (N54 or Network 54 as some people call it) but due to limitations of the site it is difficult to keep up the maintenance required to host such a large forum. The new site can be fun, clean, sometimes offensive yet absolutely awesome. It's fun to see what is posted and even more fun to get involved. Go read it, post if you desire and have some fun.


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